• Youth Philanthropy Initiative

    Youth Philanthropy Initiative

    November 2014

    Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is an established leader in the field of citizenship education programmes, providing a uniquely intensive, all round programme which has proven impact on personal, enterprise, employability and citizenship skills.

    YPI has been cited in eight of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education (HMIE) School Reports as an example of best practice in Citizenship Education, specifically referencing its ability to develop wider achievement and enrich the life of the school.

    The Trust is a partner of YPI in Midlothian.

    It sounds cheesy but YPI changed our lives. Even though we didn’t win, we still enjoyed the process and continue to volunteer and fundraise for our charity.

    Pupil who participated in YPI in 2016

    YPI was great fun as we got to work as a team to help a local charity that we felt passionate about. It was quite stressful but only because we cared so much and wanted to win. All our hard work paid off when it was announced that we were the winners!

    Pupil who’s group won YPI in 2017

    YPI is a fantastic opportunity for pupils. It provides them with the chance to raise awareness of social issues and the work of local charities, as well as getting them actively involved with their local community. It’s inspiring to see the passion and creativity that comes from them. On the other hand it has a huge impact on skill development, and it has supported the school to deliver Curriculum for Excellence.

    Laura Graham, YPI lead teacher, teacher of RMPS