Projects supported in 2021

  • Eat Sleep Ride

    April 2021

    Eat Sleep Ride is a small, unique social enterprise and community led riding school and training yard. Which provides quality tuition on well schooled horses and ponies focusing on harmony, lightness and the relationship between the horse and rider. The company is ran as a not for profit organisation and supports mental health, social impairments… Read more >

  • Food Facts Friends

    January 2021

    Food Facts Friends is a food bank and drop in centre to help anyone who is facing hunger because of crisis, be that parents skipping meals to feed their children, using any money to pay the rent, for anyone forced with the choice ‘heat or eat’. It is supported by local businesses and individuals, working… Read more >

  • Pathways to Success

    January 2021

    Pathways to Success Midlothian is a specialist service offering additional educational support to help young people be successful in education, working closely with all the high schools in Midlothian.Our donation was towards a lunch club being run by senior school pupils starting during the challenging time that the Covid pandemic has brought to this type… Read more >

  • Myositis

    January 2021

    Donation made for research purposes to Myositis UK which is a small national charity providing information to those affected by Myositis and is funding research to improve diagnosis and treatment. Myositis is a group of rare conditions where the main symptoms are weak, painful or aching muscles that usually get worse, slowly over time.